"Just fuck me up." - MydeEdit

Private group of roleplayers keeping track of all their mostly fandom trash. Warning: this wiki contains extreme sarcasm and an endless amount of fuckery to the highest degree.

The roleplayers certainly know each other's real names, but they never use them because fuck that noise. Instead, they refer to each other by character names (or derivatives thereof, because everyone is too cute not to have pet names. Even the ones on Team Trash, they're cute too). They are:


Ienzo (Ien)

Zidane (Zids)

Roxas (Roxy)

Namine (Nami)



What is Blank Points? We just don't know.Edit

Blank Points is an unmitigated disaster of a group of friends, as well as the name of the roleplay forum they run. Said forum also includes a chatplay over Skype, which is where most of the action happens nowadays because long posts are long.

Shenanigans by Crazy PeopleEdit

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